2017 Domaine Robert Groffier

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Domaine Robert Groffier位於Chambolle-Musigny邊境的Morey St-Denis村的南部。其家族歷史始於1950年,老莊主Robert Groffier繼承父親Jules遺志,他也是Cote de Nuits公認最佳釀酒師之一,其釀酒工作傳承交棒到兒子Serge與孫子Nicolas手上,於2007年酒莊正式由Nicolas Groffier負責管理。

酒莊擁有7.57公頃,包括是知名一級園的Les Amoureuses(愛侶園最大地主)Les Sentiers(Bonnes Mares)Les Hauts Doix (小愛侶)。酒莊的人氣與名聲始終高居不退,更是讓Burghond.com創辦人Allen Meadows讚譽有嘉!

依造傳承下來的信念,為提高品質而嚴格篩選並降低產量,每年採取的葡萄精挑細選僅留存50%-80%的葡萄來釀製新酒,依照不同酒款使用不同比例新橡木桶約25-50%。針對收成的葡萄狀況,靈活地採用不同的釀造方式,酒款特質-- 強有力、色深邃,擁有良好的結構、單寧, 每年會針對收成的葡萄狀況,而靈活地採用不同的釀造方式。酒體通常都早熟易飲,稠密深厚的果味以及獨特的雅致風格吸引勃根地酒迷的目光。






Chambertin Clos de Beze  2017




All the hundreds apply here: whole bunches, new wood and the age of the parcel. Built to last, this is a brilliant wine from Nicolas Groffier, which soars above the vintage conditions. It's subtle, complex and refined, with some of the latent power of the grand cru. Dense raspberry and black cherry fruit on the palate lead to a stylish, lingering finish.

愉快花束 蔓越莓野草莓 香氣平衡酒體 酸度細精緻度極高


Bonnes Mares  2017




Sand, clay and limestone soils make up the terroir of this 1ha parcel on the Chambolle side of the grand cru. The vines may be 80 years old, but this is not a powerful expression of the grand cru. Floral, juicy, sumptuous and exotic, it has a core of sweet bramble and raspberry fruit. Beautifully judged from a brilliant winemaker.

果味豐富 飽滿卻內斂 黑莓和覆盆子果實 混合林地氣味 堅實有線條


Chambolle Musigny Les Amoureuses 1er Cru  2017




With their 1.2ha of Les Amoureuses, the Groffiers are the biggest owners of this celebrated premier cru, ahead of Joseph Drouhin. Showing subtle reduction in barrel, this is lighter, paler and more ethereal than the 2016, but not far behind it in terms of quality. With 50% whole bunches and 33% new wood, it's focussed, fine and very subtle, with aromatic spices and wild strawberry sweetness.

豐富活潑 黑櫻桃紫丁香花瓣黑莓 果實具表現力 華麗一流的結構。


Chambolle Musigny Les Hauts Doix 1er Cru  2017




This may not be the most famous Chambolle premier cru from Groffier, but it's a quintessential expression of the village. Very scented and refined, with 25% new wood and 50% whole bunches, it's so approachable that you could almost drink it straight from the barrel. The tannins are supple and velvety, and the texture is very fine.

位於Les Amoureuses隔壁 有小愛侶園之稱 芬芳花束明確黑莓 中等清爽單寧 充滿活力


Chambolle Musigny Les Sentiers 1er Cru  2017




Nicolas Groffier's 1ha parcel is planted with 80-year-old vines with lots of small berries (millerands), and it always makes an intensely fruity Chambolle with good underlying structure. Made with 100% whole bunches, this shows a remarkable lightness of touch, all sap, perfume and delicately integrated oak.

位置緊鄰Bonnes Mares 具精準度和重點 桑椹紅黑水果 滲透的礦物質風味 80年老藤 產量減少。


Bourgogne  2017



來自Morey St Deni and Vougeot村的老藤 胭脂組成的花香 混合紅色黑色的水果 細緻漂亮  口感紅莓果 完美平衡酸度好 可以欣賞精確度 值得稱讚


Bonnes Mares  2016


Vinous 97

The 2016 Bonnes-Mares Grand Cru contains 100% whole cluster and is matured in one-third new oak. It has a really beautiful bouquet that you could easily mistake for Christophe Roumier’s: blackberry, blueberry, a hint of crushed violet and fine mineralité. The palate is medium-bodied with plenty of fine-grain tannin, the new oak perfectly sutured into the black and blue fruit with superb delineation and focus towards the silky smooth finish.

Nicolas使用了100%的整體葡萄酒 只有33%的新橡木桶  花卉和充滿活力的Bonnes Mares

該地塊位於Bonnes Mares的核心地帶  稍微朝向Morey  鼻子花香而富有表現力 充足的細節和精緻。


Chambolle Musigny Les Amoureuses 1er Cru  2016


Vinous 96

The 2016 Chambolle-Musigny 1er Cru Les Amoureuses was matured in 15% new oak, a drastic reduction than previous vintages to express the terroir. It is 100% whole cluster fruit. It has another really quite bewitching bouquet with detailed black and red fruit, crushed violet, just a hint of vanilla pod in the background. The palate is medium-bodied with fine grain tannin, pure black cherry and blue fruit, outstanding mineralité and a pixelated, crystalline finish that beckons you back for another sip.

採用15%的新桶 60%使用整串葡萄 由酸度帶動的優質Cru Pinot 帶有精緻的玫瑰花瓣香氣 優雅的單寧和悠長 輕鬆的優雅妝容



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