Domaine Cécile Tremblay

被譽為Leroy接班人 孕育好的葡萄 完整詮釋葡萄酒 讓人感覺是真正的高手

Tremblay酒款 閃耀極透明光澤 口感如絲緞般細緻柔滑兼具緊實度 餘韻表現很有力量!!


現貨供應! 活動日2018/10/26~ 11/26或售完為止.


CécileTremblay來自一個淵源深厚的釀酒家族,是布根地知名酒莊NoellatsConfuron兩家的親戚,還是酒神Henri Jayer的孫侄女,她的身體血液裡都流淌著對紅酒的熱情與最頂尖的釀酒基因。是家族年輕一代讀了釀酒學,並將祖先的產業發揚光大的有為女性釀酒師!

  Cécile釀出的葡萄酒明顯受到Henri Jayer的影響,每種酒的風土特徵雖明顯不同,卻顯現了相似的特點~芳香、優雅、濃縮、質地豐富,完整詮釋!讓人感覺到是真正的高手。酒莊產量不多卻在很短時間內成為頂級餐館追捧的酒莊!

  2002年是CécileTremblay首個執掌年份,最初建立酒莊的時候僅有3公頃左右的葡萄園,2009年增加到4公頃,一共11個不同的葡萄園,包含兩塊特級園 Chapelle ChambertinEchezeaux Grand Dessus比較大的葡萄園是在Chambolle-Musigny村的一級園Les Feusselottes,也只不過半公頃,但有50年高齡的葡萄藤。酒莊葡萄園雖很小,但全部位於黃金地段,採用並實踐有機葡萄種植和生物動力法。自2003年創立此方法目的是為了保證葡萄有無可挑剔的健康,創造土地、植物與環境之間的和諧生活條件,做最優質美味葡萄、保證葡萄酒和釀酒思想精純度。裝瓶之前不過濾不澄清Cécile 認為釀酒不分性別,女性不一定釀製柔美的酒體風格,而是應該盡可能真實準確的詮釋風土特性,從這點來說她的特立獨行再加之她本身所擁有的極高的釀造天賦和才華和鐵娘子Leroy女士的確相似!

2015 Cecile Tremblay供應品項: 數量有限! 下單後需再確認回覆!

1. Chapelle Chambertin   年產量約1500.  BH92-95 / TZ93

Good dark red. Wild, musky black and blue fruits and licorice on the nose. Densely packed, fat and broad but not particularly expressive in the early going, showing a chocolatey ripeness

2. Echezeaux du Dessus   年產量約900. BH92-95 / TZ94

   Healthy dark red. Captivating lift to the aromas of raspberry, redcurrant, tobacco and rose petal.   

   Wonderfully creamy, concentrated, energetic wine, utterly silky and seamless.Seductively sweet but not a  

   bit heavy, offering excellent precision to its thick flavors of dark raspberry and spices.

3.Vosne Romanee 1er Les Beaumonts  年產600 BH91-94 / TZ93

Bright dark red. More sauvage and less floral on the nose and palate than the Feusselottes, with musky dark berry notes conveying a chocolately ripeness. Densely packed and very concentrated, boasting excellent intensity and energy. Sweet spot Outstanding!


4.Vosne Romanee V.V. (村莊)  年產量約2700  BH89-92 /TZ91

Nicely perfumed aromas and flavors of currant, licorice and flowers. At once dense and juicy, showing a subtle sweetness even if it's not yet particularly expressive in the middle palate. But this is thick, creamy and serious for village wine and its solid tannins are fully supported by its mid-palate material. Outstanding Top value!


5.Chambolle Musigny 1er Les Feusselottes   2000 BH91-93 /TZ91

Healthy medium-dark red. Lovely spicy, floral high tones to the dark raspberry and licorice aromas. Finishes with

serious breadth, a firm spine of ripe tannins and lingering notes of dark berries, licorice and spices. Outstanding!


6.Chambolle Musigny Les Cabottes (村莊)  年產量約2700


7.Nuits Saint Georges 1er Les Murgers年產量約600


8.Morey-Saint-Denis Tres Girard (村莊)   年產1500  BH89-91 /TZ90

Musky, slightly reduced aromas of red berries, spices and game. In a rather soft, sweet, rich style, with red fruit flavors complemented by mocha, milk chocolate and spices. This nicely broad village wine finishes with slightly dusty tannins and very good length, with just enough limestone lift. Outstanding!


9.Bourgogne- La Croix Blanche   年產量約3200  BH87-89 /TZ88

Bright dark red. Inviting aromas of black raspberry, blackberry and violet. Juicy and penetrating, offering lovely acidity

and lift to its dense dark berry and chocolate flavors. An excellent energetic Bourgogne Rouge in the making Outstanding Top value!


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