~ Clos de Vougeot出奇卓越的巨星~ 2012 Domaine Hudelot-Noëllat


極具魅力的Hudelot-Noellat酒莊創立於1960年,現由第三代外孫Charles van Canneyts 負責接手管理酒莊,而年輕俊秀的Charles van Canneyts總是能不負所望,每個年份都呈現出精彩的表現,讓酒迷們完全不想錯過任何年份的佳釀!

酒莊延續外祖父時期,不過分萃取而影響葡萄酒本質風味,且特別謹慎橡木桶比例的使用,他的酒常有新鮮明亮的果味,均衡剔透的口感與絲滑的丹寧質地。面對挑戰的2012年份,Hudelot-Noellat 表現出乎意料之外的驚喜,葡萄成熟度極佳,酒精達理想值12-13度。儘管收成量減少,但所採收的葡萄成熟且乾淨,不需要耗時太多時間篩選。整體而言,Hudelot-Noellat所有酒款表現,超越2012年份的平均水準!

Producer note:Alain Hudelot's grandson Charles Van Canneyt called 2012 a "huge surprise given how challenging the growing season was. I haven't been doing this for very long but I confess to being shocked by not only the apparent quality of our fruit but also just how good the wines appear to be. Perhaps the most surprising thing is just how ripe the phenolics are. If you had seen all the rain we had for months on end you would understand why this is so unexpected. We began picking on the 25th of September and the fruit was so clean that it required only the most minimum of sorting. Potential alcohols were in the 12 to 13% range and thus most wines were either not chaptalized or if they were no more than one-half of a degree. As to the wines I really like the transparency and balance they have. It remains to be seen how well they will age but I am optimistic because they are so well-balanced." I would characterize the Hudelot 2012s as having performed slightly better than the general quality of the vintage except at the grand cru level where the performance is excellent.                                                            ~ by Allan meadow

1 未命名  

年分 品名 BH TZ
2012 Richebourg 94-96 95-97
(from a   0.28-hectare parcel planted in 1950)
2012 Romanee Saint Vivant    93-96 94-96
(comes from 0.48-hectares of vine planted back in 1920 )
2012 Clos de Vougeot    92-94 92-95
(from two   separate parcels, one of the Château and another situated to the right by the   Méo-Camuzet vines)
2012 Vosne Romanee 1er Les Suchots  90-93 93-95
( that was   planted back to 1920 )
2012 Nuits Saint Georges 1er Les Meurgers    90-92 90-92
( that was   planted in 1985 )
2012 Vougeot 1er Les Petits Vougeots  89-91 90-92
( that was   planted in 1970 )
2012 Chambolle Musigny    87-89 87-89
(The Village   comes from vines aged between 30 and 50 years and it sees
30% new oak.
2012 Nuits Saint Georges Les   Bas de Combes    87-90

未成年請勿飲酒  飲酒過量 有礙健康!



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