2002 Pommery Cuvee Louise (成箱6入紙箱裝)


活動日期 :2016/9/12 ~ 2016/10/11 or 售完為止

Champagne POMMERY 是位於漢斯 (REIMS) 的大型酒廠,擁有香檳區第二大生產規模的實力,過去曾經屬於 LVMH 集團的,如今自己獨立出來。

Cuvee Louise 』是酒莊的頂級款, 只有在極好的年份才會釀產 ,使用的葡萄都是來自於香檳區的精華地帶, 60% 的夏多內是來自於 Avize Cremant 村、 40% 的黑皮諾則是來自於 Ay 村,而這些村莊精選出來的葡萄也都是 100% Grand Cru 園。

Louise 此名是取自於酒莊最重要的女莊主 Madame Pommery 的名字來像她致敬。 Madame Pommery 是酒莊的第二代莊主,對香檳區有著極大的貢獻,而那偉大的貢獻就是將不甜的香檳 (BRUT) 提倡出來並發揚國際。

19 世紀後期 Pommery 夫人將 BRUT 帶進了英國市場,並且在英國市場銷售量成長了三倍,就在她的英明領導之下, Champagne Pommery 在香檳區佔了一席重要的地位。然而酒莊至今都延續著『釀造香檳是一種藝術』的原則,並且大手筆投資各項設施,保持自家酒莊的狀態來延續永恆。

☆☆☆ 2002 年,兩千年後的第一個優異年份,令所有的香檳迷都如癡如醉, Pommery 當然不例外的打造出屬於他們最頂級的『 Cuvee Louise 』香檳,細膩的氣泡、複雜的層次,帶有點杏桃香氣,結合了礦物風格,將 2002 年最精緻、最完美的韻味全部展現出來。




2014 國際葡萄酒和烈酒大賽:金牌 ( International Wine & Spirit Competition, 2014: Gold)
國際葡萄酒挑戰賽:金牌 ( International Wine Challenge, 2014: Gold)

2015 Mundus Vini :金牌


Wine Enthusiast 95

This well-aged wine from a top Champagne vintage is just now ready to drink after 12 years. It has a touch of toast, but it's the rich, complex texture and fine structure that set it apart. It's not a dry wine, it feels soft. It is so well integrated, elegant with hints of apples, a layer of minerality and still-fresh final acidity.


James Suckling: 94

A beautifully seductive and creamy nose with plenty of honey and clotted cream across lemon and grapefruit. Some white peach too, really alluring. The palate's nicely orchestrated and balanced; it builds in stages and delivers pithy lemon and grapefruit flavor amid assertive driving acidity, good depth and concentration. Another great '02. Drink now or in five or more years.


Robert Parker THE WINE ADVOCATE : 93

The 2002 Cuvée Louise Brut is dressed in an intense citrus colored robe and offers – as if it was a Pfalz Riesling – ripe yellow fruit aromas of pineapples, oranges and ripe peaches along with noble yeasty layers in the background. Full-bodied, rich and fresh on the palate, Madame Louise is a firm and almost mineral structured, persistent Champagne of complexity, finishing with a refreshing citric aroma as well as a stimulating salinity and purity. Good length and balance.



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