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*2010 Guigal Gigondas   WS:90 IWC: 91

- 65% Grenache. 20% Mourvedre. 15% Syrah   葡萄樹齡約40

2010 Gigondas is a classic effort that offers up quality spice, underbrush, loamy soil and mulled dark fruits to go with a medium-bodied, rich, supple profile on the palate Beautifully done, with chewy tannin lending some focus and grip on the finish…..Parker

*2010 Guigal Crozes Hermitage   WS:91 IWC: 91

100% Syrah                          葡萄樹齡約35

The 2010 Crozes-Hermitage exhibits notes of red currants, raspberries and bay leaf in an elegant, medium-bodied, richly fruity style that should drink nicely for 5-6 years……Parker

*2010 Guigal Cote du Rhone   WS:89 IWC: 90

–60% Syrah . 35% Grenache . 5% Mourvedre.   葡萄樹齡約35

I re-tasted the 2010 Cotes du Rhone, which is still in foudre……intermixed with notions of kirsch, licorice, lavender and spice. Supple and surprisingly intense, this delicious effort can age for 4-5 years. …..Parker




提到法國隆河谷北端羅地丘Côte Rôtie,大家肯定知道釀出三款被暱稱為LaLaLa’s頂尖佳釀的積架酒廠。Robert Parker曾評說,這個世界上,再也沒有其他釀酒師能像馬賽爾積架(Marcel Guigal)一樣,無論在任何氣候下,都能釀製出這麼多高品質的好酒。一家傳奇的酒廠,背後總有一段刻苦艱辛的歷史,必須嚴謹勤奮、眼光遠大,輔以決策果斷才能創造今日的酒業王朝,法國政府也頒予「榮譽勛位勳章」褒獎現任總裁 Marcel 對於法國釀酒業的貢獻,這也是法國平民所能獲得的最高榮譽。

占地約150公頃的積架酒廠,雖擁有面積範圍不若兩家隆河區名廠ChapoutierPaul Jaboulet,但Guigal掌有的都是隆河區最精華的葡萄園! Parker表示他十分欽佩,以最初階的酒款Cote du Rhone,酒廠每年產量雖高達百萬瓶,仍舊以其絕佳品質傲視整個隆河區並廣受歡迎。

Guigal的各款羅地丘紅酒均為該區酒質之標竿,主因在於酒廠以高價向各簽約酒農購買優異的葡萄果實,自行培養釀造,而不是直接買進葡萄酒。除人工篩選,也以電腦精確控管發酵溫度,桶內醇化後,經 Marcel逐桶品嚐後,挑選優良的酒桶混合而成。積架初階酒款,架構完整、單寧適中,有黑醋栗及甘草的芳香氣息,均衡度佳。

The Great Rhone Vintage 2010

This is a great vintage that comes close in quality to 2007 in the southern Rhône. Some producers think 2010 eclipses 2007 because of the wines’ vivid freshness and focus. Throughout the southern Rhône, the hallmarks of the vintage are very dense purple, sometimes even blue/black colors as well as higher acid levels that have not been seen since 2004 and 2001. In fact, 2010′s paradox is that I can’t remember a vintage so concentrated, powerful and rich that also has such zesty acidity….                                    -Robert Parker

I’ve blind-tasted over 400 Southern Rhônes from the 2010 vintage, with more to go. Right now, 2010 looks to be the most compelling vintage in the Southern Rhône I have tasted since I began covering the region. The wines combine the ripe, vivid fruit of warm years like ’07 and ’09 with the tannic spine of a classic vin de garde year such as ’05, all laced with mouthwatering acidity from a racy vintage like ’01.However, yields were down 20 to 40 percent for many producers, so you may need to move fast to get the wines you want.      - Wine Spectator


"I place 2010 in the top three of my 40 years covering the Rhône, alongside the 1978 and the 1990."














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