2011 Domaine Anne-Françoise Gros葛羅酒廠 


       身為Domaine Jean Gros 名門世家葛羅家族的人員之一,從小在父親身邊學習釀酒生產優雅的葡萄酒。其優異程度不輸於兩兄弟(Michael GrosBernard Gros),1976與先生François Parent結褵後,並於1988創立了Domaine Anne-Françoise Gros更在1995年買入Savigny les Beaune的葡萄園。因她分配到的葡萄園都是接近特級葡萄園的好地塊,故和普通的一級葡萄園比起來,一點也不遜色。而女生天性上的敏感與纖細特質加上家族承傳的釀酒技術,所釀造出來的酒款,陳年之後擁有迷人果香與魅力。再由經驗老道的團隊手工採摘葡萄,接續再由另外一組團隊逐粒篩選,低溫浸泡4~5天後,採自然發酵方式。特級園是由100%新桶,而村莊級和一級園會依照不同年份選用40%~60%橡木桶陳年。

法國酒評鑑權威Burghound的Allen Meadows認為A-F葛羅酒廠是

"A choice. and Outstanding!" 



Richebourg 2011                                


Tasting note: A spicy, wonderfully fresh and cool nose is comprised of notes of plum, violets, anise, cinnamon, sandalwood and red pinot fruit liqueur scents. There is an opulent mouth feel to the velvety yet distinctly powerful broad-shouldered flavors that possess excellent volume before culminating in a balanced, impressively long and mouth coating finish. As classic examples of Richebourg go, this should drink well somewhat earlier yet will still require the better part of a decade to be enjoyable.

Echezeaux   2011                                


Tasting note: A discreet but not invisible touch of wood toast surrounds the ripe and fresh dark berry fruit liqueur and broad range of spice scents that give way to supple, round and quite seductively textured medium weight plus flavors where there is so much extract that they seem rather forward and accessible. The finish however tightens up sufficiently to suggest that 8 to 10 years of cellar time will be required. Note however that in contrast to some of the wines in the range, this will probably be approachable relatively young.

Chambolle Musigny 2011                        


Tasting note: An exuberantly spicy and quite fresh nose of wild red cherries, mineral nuances and a top note of violets introduce textured and attractively intense middle weight flavors that possess plenty of verve on the delicious finish that is shaped by firm but not hard tannins that are well-integrated. This will require a few years of patience.

Savigny Les Beaune Clos des Guettes 1er 2011      


Tasting note: An exceptionally fresh nose offers up notes of game, earth, red currants and plenty of Savigny style pungent earth aromas. There is an enticing touch of minerality to the delicious, supple and attractively well-detailed flavors that possess a lovely sense of vibrancy as well as a refreshing saline character on the solidly persistent and complex finish. Good stuff.

Pommard Les Pezerolles 2011                      


The predominance of rather clayey, chalky soil creates a very different cru. Deep garnet, intense black currant bouquet, blackberry and musk; lasting tannins and a profound acidity. The mellowness only becomes apparent after a few years of maturation… then one can appreciate savage aromas with a scent of underwood and sweet spices.

Vosne Romanee Clos de la Fontaine 2011            


Tasting note: A spicy, very fresh and markedly more complex nose of spice elements along with violet, red currant and plum scents combines with supple, round and almost soft medium-bodied flavors that terminate in a saline-infused finish of moderate depth and length. This is very forward and clearly meant for early drinking.

Bourgogne Haut Cotes de Nuits 2011                


Tasting note: A slightly fresher if more sauvage nose of pungent earth and wild dark currants gives way to vibrant, well-detailed and lightly mineral-inflected middle weight flavors that are shaped by ripe and relatively soft tannins on the focused and balanced finish. There is a bit more underlying material though this too could easily be appreciated now.


 未成年請勿飲酒 飲酒過量 有礙健康!  


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